Rugby cake:
        Just want to say a massive thank you for the cake you made for Harry’s 18th! It was delicious and 
         harry including everyone else loved it!! Thank you Amy 

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs cake:
        'Thank you so much for Robbie's birthday cake! It looked and tasted amazing.'
                                                   Beth, Hampshire

Humpty Dumpty Cake:
        'Beautiful and yummy! Thank you.'
                                                    Myfanwy, Darlington

Hairdressers Retirement Cake:
 'It was an enormous success admired by everyone. Plus it was delicious.'        
Joyce, Stockton
Dragon Cake:
 'Fantastic, I love dragons and cake was delicious.'         
 Carol, Stockton
Pirates Cake:
Carol, Stockton
Harry Potter Cake:
 'An amazing birthday cake'
Jessica, Stockton
'This cake was a legend'
Lucy, Stockton
Narnia Cake:
'The detail was amazing truly brilliant.
 Everything was 5* from the appearance to the taste.'
Jessica, Stockton
Gerbera Cake:
'Ur gerberas r fab' 
Sarah, Lake District