Upcoming 2020 Markets -

* Saturday 26th September - Stockton & Darlington Railway celebrations
 - Stockton high street - 

*  Saturday 24th October - Chic Vintique - 10am-4pm Stockton high street


Here at Chintzy Cakes we are taking all precautions to keep our customers and staff safe during this crazy time. We have checked with the governments guidelines for food businesses and put in place all the procedures to ensure our product remains safe. 
      * When ordering a cake, deposits and final payments have to be paid for via bank transfer             or Paypal (we are charged for this facility). 
        * During the making and decorating of your cake we wear clean aprons, face mask, hair                net and gloves. The work surfaces and equiptment are all washed before and after use.                 * Hands are washed regularly for at least 20 seconds up to the elbows. 
* When collecting a cake, please wear gloves and face mask, we will do the same. 
        * At markets we will be wearing clean aprons, blue gloves and a face visor so those that              are hard of hearing can hear or lip read. As always our cakes will be under cake domes                and tongs used to place product in bags or boxes from now on as most markets have                    stipulated no food to be consumed in the marquee or venue. 

We look forward to seeing you all again whether its a cake order or at one of the markets. 
Stay safe everyone!

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